Life sometimes has way of getting in our way. Getting in the way of our schedules, our routines, and most of all our moods. When we find that life is getting in our way sometimes taking a break is just the thing our souls are craving.

Weekly Classes

Bottle Rocket

An intro class into the Rocket System! This 50 minute routine introduces students to the main elements of the Rocket routine with an emphases on hips and forward bending.

Class begins with Sun Salutations A and B and the moves through standing sequence, balancing poses, flows into seated sequence, and ends with 15 minutes of deep relaxation including meditation and shavasana.

Rocket to Restorative

A power and peace flow which takes you through a Rocket flow for the first 30 minutes of class in order to heat up the body. Then the remained of class brings in deep stretches and relaxation before moving into meditation and shavasana.


A slower flow for those looking to restore the body and helped you feel more relaxed and rested. Through the restorative flow you will build a connection between your breathing and the poses.

Class ends with 15 minutes of meditation and shavasana.

Special Event Yoga

Yoga and Mimosa

Maybe I need Yoga, Maybe I need a mimosa, Maybe I need BOTH!

Kids Yoga

Busy Being Right Here!

Special Event Yoga classes are a great way to spend time with friends, spend time with family, or create a fun and unique fundraising event.

If you would be interested in hosting a special event yoga class please fill out the contact form below!

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